Electrostatic induction is a revolutionary improvement in the field of agricultural spraying, taking advantage of modern engineering and basic physics principles to maximize the benefits of low volume technology.

Basically, in the electrostatic system, droplets are loaded with negative (-) charge and it is drawn by the plant which is neutral by the means of the physical principles. Thus it covers not only the application side of the leaf and the fruit but also almost entire surface.

Another advantage of the electrostatic system is that the droplets loaded with negative (-) charge get together by pushing each other, which prevents the growth of their diameters. BOA HIGH POWER ELECTROSTATIC It helps to achieve the purpose of spraying in the most efficient way by ensuring homogeneous covering.

Thanks to the natural gravitational force, the electrostatic system makes savings by blocking the droplets that flit with the wind and thus the level of sensitivity for the environment is maximized.

Also BOA HIGH POWER ELECTROSTATIC not only increases the efficiency of spraying in windy weather but also it increases the speed of application.

The practical application of electrostatic induction, whose operation principle can be theoretically explained in a very simple way, is very difficult and complicated.

As a result of R&D studies done for many years by Boa Makine with its large number of engineers, the most efficient electrostatic systems can optionally be integrated on our machines.

Field studies show that BOA HIGH POWER ELECTROSTATIC has drawn away its competitors by providing excellent induction even at very long distances. As Boa Makine, we are proud to present the most efficient electrostatic system in the world to our distinguished producers.